Hessequa Local Municipality (WC042)

Council & Management

Composition of Council:
DA 9, ANC 6, PA 1, VF PLUS 1
Controlling Party:
Mr Grant Riddles
Deputy Mayor:
Mr Marthinus van den Berg (Technical Services Portfolio)
Mr Andrew Stroebel
Chief Whip:
Other Council:
Mr Gerald Boezak (Community Services Portfolio)
Mr Hendrik Saayman (Development Planning Portfolio)
Mr Ben Smith (Corporate Management Portfolio and Financial Services Portfolio)
Municipal Manager:
Mr Albert de Klerk
Chief Financial Officer:
Ms Lien Viljoen (Director: Financial Services)
Senior Management:
Ms Marina Griesel (Director: Corporate Management)
Mr Rhuschan (Werner) Manho (Director: Technical Services)
Mr Chris Onrust (Director: Community Services)
Communications Officers:
Ms Dulckerine (Didi) Budricks (Head: Public Relations, Administration and Auxiliary Services)
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