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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022/23
Annual Report 2021/22
Annual Report 2016/17
Annual Report 2010/11

Audited Financial Statements

AFS 2021/22
AFS 2020/21
AFS 2017/18
AFS 2016/17
AFS 2014/15
AFS 2013/14
AFS 2012/13
AFS 2011/12
AFS 2010/11

Integrated Development Plans

IDP 2022/23
IDP 2018/19
IDP 2014/15
IDP 2010/11

MFMA Section 71 – Schedule C

Schedule C 2022/23
Schedule C 2021/22
Schedule C 2020/21
Schedule C 2019/20
Schedule C 2018/19
Schedule C 2017/18
Schedule C 2016/17
Schedule C 2015/16
Schedule C 2014/15
Schedule C 2013/14
Schedule C 2012/13
Schedule C 2011/12
Schedule C 2010/11

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