City of Mbombela Local Municipality (MP326)

Geography, History & Economy

City of Mbombela Local Municipality is part of Ehlanzeni District Municipality.

MDB code: MP326

Description: The City of Mbombela Local Municipality is a Category B municipality situated in the Mpumalanga Province and forms part of the Ehlanzeni District. It is one of the four municipalities in the district, making up almost a third of its geographical area. It was established by the amalgamation of the Mbombela and Umjindi Local Municipalities in August 2016.
 Mbombela (previously Nelspruit) is the capital of the province. Mbombela is the Siswati word for ‘a lot of people together in a small space'. The city serves as a gateway to some of the best eco- and adventure activities in Southern Africa and, with its moderate climate, becomes the preferred tourist destination all year round. Its subtropical fruits (like mangoes, avocados, oranges, lemons, litchis and bananas) are a huge drawcard for visitors, and during springtime the blossoms of orange trees can be smelt kilometres away.
 For shopping enthusiasts, the city offers world-class shopping malls, casinos and entertainment venues with air-conditioning systems. This creates excellent opportunities for prospective investors and businesses to establish themselves in the area.

Area: 7 152km²

Cities/Towns: Barberton, Emoyeni, Entokozweni, Hazyview, Kaapschehoop, Kabokweni, Kanyamazane, Luphisi, Matsulu, Mbombela, Mpakeni, Msogwaba, Ngodwana, Skukuza, Tekwane, White River

Main Economic Sectors: Finance and business services, manufacturing, government services, community services, trade, transport and communications, agriculture, construction, mining and tourism.

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