City of Mbombela Local Municipality (MP326)

City of Mbombela Local Municipality was established by the amalgamation of Mbombela Local Municipality and Umjindi Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. Financial, Employment and Service Delivery information for the new municipality is only available from the 2016/17 financial year. View historical information for Mbombela Local Municipality and Umjindi Local Municipality.

Employment Statistics

Employment Costs (R’000) 936 949793 706592 745
Remuneration of councillors (R’000) 39 46638 42230 680
Total Employee Positions 2 1842 1742 384
Total Vacant Employee Positions 249210386
Total Vacancy Percentage 11.40%9.66%16.19%
Managerial Positions - S56 15157
Vacant Managerial Positions - S56 240
Managerial Positions - by organogram 1079494
Vacant Managerial Positions - by organogram 950
Community And Social Service Positions 315267220
Vacant Community And Social Service Positions 513742
Finance And Administration Positions 261381344
Vacant Finance And Administration Positions 385759
Electricity Positions 8582134
Vacant Electricity Positions 13434
Enviromental Protection Positions 323
Vacant Enviromental Protection Positions 011
Health Positions 000
Vacant Health Positions 000
Public Safety Positions 181148255
Vacant Public Safety Positions 241190
Road Transport Positions 227219247
Vacant Road Transport Positions 251034
Sport And Recreation Positions 755296
Vacant Sport And Recreation Positions 23719
Waste Management Positions 410419434
Vacant Waste Management Positions 262321
Waste Water Management Positions 8900
Vacant Waste Water Management Positions 900
Water Positions 132203259
Vacant Water Positions 81664
Other Positions 284292291
Vacant Other Positions 213522
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