Mahikeng Local Municipality (NW383)

Geography, History & Economy

Mahikeng Local Municipality is part of Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality.

MDB code: NW383

Description: The Mahikeng Local Municipality (previously Mafikeng Local Municipality) is a Category B municipality located within the Ngaka Modiri Molema District in Mahikeng (previously Mafikeng), the capital city of the North West Province. It is situated next to the Botswana border, and is just a three-hour drive from Johannesburg and about 294km from Pretoria.
 Mahikeng is the smallest of the five municipalities in the district. It is the seat of the Provincial Legislature and the majority of the National State Departments regional offices. It was brought about by the new Local Government transformation in South Africa.
 Its rich and diverse history dates back to 1852, when the town was founded, and 1899 to 1902 during the Anglo-Boer War, the Mafikeng Siege. Its town is home to the Mahikeng Museum, with its antique steel ceiling, old town clock, Sol Plaatje’s history, and display of rock species. The Mahikeng Airport, situated 5km west of the Mmabatho CBD, boasts a landing strip of 4.6km, one of the longest runways in the world.

Area: 3 646km²

Cities/Towns: Mahikeng, Mmabatho, Ottoshoop

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture, mining, manufacturing, trade and tourism

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