Tlokwe City Council Local Municipality (NW402)

Tlokwe City Council Local Municipality was disestablished and merged with Ventersdorp Local Municipality to establish JB Marks Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. All information displayed here is historical information relating to the municipality before being disestablished.

Geography, History & Economy

Tlokwe City Council Local Municipality is part of Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality.

MDB code: NW402

Description: Tlokwe City Council Local Municipality is situated on the N12 route that connects Johannesburg and Cape Town via the city of Kimberley. The main railway route from Gauteng to the Northern and Western Cape also runs through the municipality's main city, Potchefstroom. The City is 145km south-east of OR Tambo International Airport but has its own airfield, which can accommodate bigger aircraft and was formerly a military air base. Potchefstroom is thus a very accessible city that welcomes business, trade and manufacturing.
 With the well-developed infrastructure of Potchefstroom, it has been able to sustain a positive economic growth rate throughout the transition period in South Africa and, together with its abundance of water and electricity, holds great opportunities for future growth. Potchefstroom is situated in the North West province and is one of the four municipalities of the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality.
 Gold mining is the dominant economic activity in the district, with Potchefstroom and Ventersdorp being the only exceptions. While Ventersdorp to the north-west of Potchefstroom focuses on agricultural activity, Potchefstroom's economic activity is driven by services and manufacturing. A big role-player in the provision of services in Potchefstroom is the world-class North-West University, which has its main campus in Potchefstroom.
 Regarding manufacturing, Potchefstroom's industrial zone has many companies, focusing mainly on the industries of steel, food and chemicals, with big entities such as King Korn, Kynoch, Naschem and the Soya Protein Process (SPP) company. This makes Potchefstroom a very important role-player in the economy of the North West province as provision here is made for local, national and international markets.
 Within the city centre, the infrastructure of Potchefstroom supports roughly 600 businesses. The addition of the newly built Mooirivier Mall has expanded commercial options for many businesses. Furthermore, a wide range of medical practices, together with other service-related businesses, are readily available all around the city.

Area: 2 674km²

Cities/Towns: Potchefstroom

Main Economic Sectors: Community (43%), trade (13%), finance (13%), agriculture (10%), manufacturing (7%), transport (6%), mining (5%)

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