Nama Khoi Local Municipality (NC062)

Geography, History & Economy

Nama Khoi Local Municipality is part of Namakwa District Municipality.

MDB code: NC062

Description: The Nama Khoi Local Municipality is a Category B municipality situated on the north-western side of the Northern Cape Province in the Namakwa District. It is one of the six municipalities that make up the district. Nama and Khoisan people occupied this area for hundreds of years.
 The town of Springbok is the administrative centre. Springbok is the most densely populated area, is close to the N7, and functions as the sub-regional centre for administrative, commercial and higher-order social facilities. Mining used to form the backbone of the economy, with tourism being seen as the new frontier for economic development.

Area: 17 990km²

Cities/Towns: Bulletrap, Carolusberg, Concordia, Kleinzee, Komaggas, Nababeep, O'Kiep, Springbok, Steinkopf

Main Economic Sectors: Mining, tourism, government departments, private sector

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