iLembe District Municipality (DC29)

Geography, History & Economy

iLembe District Municipality comprises:

MDB code: DC29

Description: The iLembe District Municipality is a Category C municipality situated on the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal, bordering the Indian Ocean. It is the smallest of the province's district municipalities, making up a mere 3% of its geographical area.
 iLembe consists of four local municipalities located between Durban and Richards Bay: Mandeni, KwaDukuza, Maphumulo and Ndwedwe. The seat of iLembe is KwaDukuza (previously Stanger). The town straddles the Tugela River, the traditional border between former Colonial Natal and the Kingdom of Zululand, the site of historical and cultural events.
 The majority of the rural inland areas are tribal authority areas, characterised by subsistence farming. At the border of the district is the Unicity of Durban in the immediate south, which is linked by the coastal highway to Richards Bay in the north, giving it access to both harbours for trade purposes. It is also a leading place for the tourism industry because of its rich Zulu Kingdom heritage, as it was named in recognition of King Shaka.

Area: 3 270km²

Cities/Towns: Dolphin Coast/Ballito, Isithebe, KwaDukuza, Mandeni, Ndwedwe, Nkwazi/Zinkwazi Beach

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture

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