KwaDukuza Local Municipality (KZN292)

Geography, History & Economy

KwaDukuza Local Municipality is part of iLembe District Municipality.

MDB code: KZN292

Description: The KwaDukuza Local Municipality is a Category B municipality located within the iLembe District in the KwaZulu-Natal Province. It stretches from the Zinkwazi River in the north to the Tongaat River in the south. It is one of the four municipalities that make up the district. KwaDukuza (previously Stanger) is the district node and dominant commercial centre in the iLembe District.
 The KwaDukuza Municipality occupies a coastal and inland stretch of approximately 50km in length and 14km in width, with a variety of clustered and ad hoc settlements and small towns. The municipality is linked with a well-developed network of roads and rail infrastructure. The key feature of KwaDukuza is the N2 Development Corridor.

Area: 740km²

Cities/Towns: Dolphin Coast/Ballito, KwaDukuza, Nkwazi/Zinkwazi Beach

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture, tourism

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