Lukhanji Local Municipality (EC134)

Lukhanji Local Municipality was disestablished and merged with Inkwanca Local Municipality and Tsolwana Local Municipality to establish Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. All information displayed here is historical information relating to the municipality before being disestablished.

Geography, History & Economy

Lukhanji Local Municipality is part of Chris Hani District Municipality.

MDB code: EC134

Description: Lukhanji Local Municipality covers a wide area consisting of Queenstown CBD and townships such as Mlungisi, Lesseyton, Izingquthu, Westbourne, Madeira Park, Kings Park, Top Town and Central. On the eastern side there is Ezibeleni township, Tylden, Gwatyu farms and Ilinge township, and on the western side there is Whittlesea CBD, with a number of rural villages.
 The Lukhanji municipal area has been declared an economic hub due to its strategic position in the Chris Hani District Municipality. Lukhanji is positioned right in the middle of the national corridors to the Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Cape and Free State provinces. It is developed with the relevant infrastructure so that modes of transport such as railway, road and a small airport are available to be utilised.

Area: 3 813km²

Cities/Towns: Queenstown, Sada, Whittlesea

Main Economic Sectors: General government services (30.5%), finance and business (20.3%), wholesale, retail and catering (19.4%)

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