George Local Municipality (WC044)

Geography, History & Economy

George Local Municipality is part of Garden Route District Municipality.

MDB code: WC044

Description: The George Local Municipality is a Category B municipality located within the Garden Route District in the Western Cape Province. It is bordered by the Eastern Cape in the north and east, Knysna and the Indian Ocean in the south, and Oudtshoorn in the west. It is one of seven municipalities in the district.
 This district is informally known as the Garden Route, with George, its hub, nestled among the slopes of the majestic Outeniqua Mountains and flanked by the Indian Ocean to the south. George also enjoys the strategic advantage of being situated on the major transport routes between Cape Town in the south and Port Elizabeth in the east.

Area: 5 191km²

Cities/Towns: George, Haarlem, Herolds Bay, Uniondale, Victoria Bay, Wilderness

Main Economic Sectors: Finance, insurance, real estate and business services (26.4%), wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodation (18.5%), manufacturing (14.7%), transport, storage and communication (11.9%), general government (8.9%), community, social and personal services (6.3%), construction (6.0%), agriculture, forestry and fishing (3.7%)

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