Richtersveld Local Municipality (NC061)

Geography, History & Economy

Richtersveld Local Municipality is part of Namakwa District Municipality.

MDB code: NC061

Description: The Richtersveld Local Municipality is a Category B municipality in the Namakwa District of the Northern Cape Province. It is the smallest municipality of six in the district, making up only 6% of its geographical area. The municipality is named after Reverend W Richter, a Dutch missionary of the 20th century who opened a mission station in Koeboes.
 The Richtersveld is a unique landscape surrounded by a variety of contrasts. It is a conservation area. Rainfall is minimal and water is a scarce commodity, yet the vast plains, which are considered a special place by some, are still a very beautiful region with unique characteristics that attract thousands of tourists.
 In Port Nolloth there is the ocean, at Alexander Bay there is the Orange River, and at Lekkersing and Eksteensfontein there is underground water that is a little brackish.

Area: 9 608km²

Cities/Towns: Alexander Bay, Eksteensfontein, Kuboes, Port Nolloth, Richtersveld, Sanddrift

Main Economic Sectors: Mining, agriculture, fishing, tourism

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