Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality (NC066)

Geography, History & Economy

Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality is part of Namakwa District Municipality.

MDB code: NC066

Description: The Karoo Hoogland Local Municipality is a Category B municipality situated in the Namakwa District of the Northern Cape Province. It is the second-largest of the six municipalities in the district, making up a quarter of its geographical area. After the Section 12 notice was placed on 25 October 2021, the municipality now has a collective executive system with a ward participatory system.
 Although the municipality's towns are separated by more than 100km by road, they share many administrative tasks. The Main Administration Office is situated in Williston.
 Hoogland is an Afrikaans word meaning ‘highland' and Karoo is a Khoi word meaning ‘hard' or ‘dry'. The name reflects the area, which has dry, arid and desert-like conditions.

Area: 30 230km²

Cities/Towns: Frasersburg, Sutherland, Williston

Main Economic Sectors: Community, social and personal services (42.5%), transport, storage and communication (15%), wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodation (13.7%), agriculture, forestry and fishing (13%), finance, insurance, real estate and business services (8.8%), manufacturing (5.9%)

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