Phokwane Local Municipality (NC094)

Geography, History & Economy

Phokwane Local Municipality is part of Frances Baard District Municipality.

MDB code: NC094

Description: The Phokwane Local Municipality is a Category B municipality situated within the Frances Baard District in the Northern Cape Province. It is the smallest of the four municipalities in the district, making up 6% of its geographical area.
 The municipality is situated 125km along the N18 to Vryburg. The administrative seat of the municipality is Hartswater. The majority of inhabitants are found in the peri-urban areas of the municipality. In terms of agriculture, Phokwane exports grape, citrus and olive products.
 The municipality is named after Queen Phokwane, the wife of Kgosi Galeshewe of the Barolong boo Ra-Tlhaping tribe. Phokwane is nestled in the lush green delta of the Hartswater region and boasts the second-largest irrigation scheme in the Southern Hemisphere, namely the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme.

Area: 828km²

Cities/Towns: Hartswater, Jan Kempdorp, Pampierstat

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture, community development, retail, private household, informal

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