Steve Tshwete Local Municipality (MP313)

Geography, History & Economy

Steve Tshwete Local Municipality is part of Nkangala District Municipality.

MDB code: MP313

Description: The Steve Tshwete Local Municipality (previously Middelburg Local Municipality) is a Category B municipality located in the Nkangala District of the Mpumalanga Province. It is one of the larger municipalities of the six in the district.
 The municipality is named after Steve Tshwete, an ANC activist imprisoned by the apartheid authorities on Robben Island from February 1964 to 1983. In 1994, Middelburg and Mhluzi, as well as Hendrina and Kwazamokuhle, amalgamated to form the Transitional Local Councils. In 2001, the Transitional Local Councils of Middelburg and Hendrina, as well as some smaller towns, were amalgamated. A new municipality was formed, namely Steve Tshwete Local Municipality.
 The local municipality was one of the four to have passed the 2009/10 audit by the Auditor-General of South Africa, who deemed it to have a clean administration. The seat of the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality is Middelburg.

Area: 3 976km²

Cities/Towns: Hendrina, Middelburg, Pullens Hope, Rietkuil

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture, mining, manufacturing

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