Ulundi Local Municipality (KZN266)

Geography, History & Economy

Ulundi Local Municipality is part of Zululand District Municipality.

MDB code: KZN266

Description: The Ulundi Local Municipality is a Category B municipality situated in the northern part of the KwaZulu-Natal Province within the Zululand District. It is one of the five municipalities in the district, making up almost a quarter of its geographical area. Ulundi is the power hub of central Zululand. It is rich in cultural, historical and wildlife experiences.
 The Ulundi Museum is just a few minutes from the centre of town, and the R700 leads to the Ondini Cultural Reserve. In addition, the eMakhosini Ophathe Park lies only 10km out of town, and the Hluhluwe/Mfolozi Game Park is accessible through the new Cengeni Gate a mere 35km away.

Area: 3 251km²

Cities/Towns: Ulundi

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture, commercial, retail

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