Saldanha Bay Local Municipality (WC014)

Council & Management

Composition of Council:
DA 13, ANC 5, GOOD 4, , EFF 2, CCC 1, PA 1, VF PLUS 1
Controlling Party:
Hung Council
Mr André Truter
Deputy Mayor:
Ms Charmaine Laubscher (Mayoral Committee: Infrastructure and Planning Services)
Ms Olwene Daniels
Chief Whip:
Mr Michael Schaffers (Chief Whip and Mayoral Committee: Corporate Services and Public Safety)
Other Council:
Mr Wilhelm America (Mayoral Committee: Community and Operational Services)
Mr Jaco Kotzé (Mayoral Committee: Finance Services)
Ms Sinah Mamabolo (Mayoral Committee: Office of Municipal Manager)
Ms Eventhia Vaughan (Mayoral Committee: Economic Development and Strategic Services)
Municipal Manager:
Mr Heinrich Mettler
Chief Financial Officer:
Mr Stefan Vorster
Senior Management:
Mr Charles Barends (Manager: LED)
Ms Cornell de Kock (Director: Economic Development and Strategic Services)
Mr Phumzile Mbaliswana (Director: Corporate Services and Public Safety)
Mr Gerrit Smith (Director: Infrastructure and Planning Services)
Mr Louis Volschenk (Director: Community and Operational Services)
Communications Officers:
Ms Ethne Lawrence
The information in this directory is compiled from various sources and is subject to continual change. If you notice any errors or omissions, contact us so that we may correct them.

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