Nxuba Local Municipality (EC128)

Nxuba Local Municipality was disestablished and merged with Nkonkobe Local Municipality to establish Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. All information displayed here is historical information relating to the municipality before being disestablished.

Employment Statistics

Employment Costs (R’000) n/a23 79921 65520 84216 319
Remuneration of councillors (R’000) n/a2 2462 1062 0321 868
Total Employee Positions 202205151147154
Total Vacant Employee Positions 3151920
Total Vacancy Percentage 1.49%0.49%3.31%12.93%12.99%
Managerial Positions - S57 44444
Vacant Managerial Positions - S57 31022
Managerial Positions - by organogram 00202026
Vacant Managerial Positions - by organogram 00503
Community And Social Service Positions 1515404119
Vacant Community And Social Service Positions 000173
Finance And Administration Positions 3234553131
Vacant Finance And Administration Positions 00000
Electricity Positions 3132889
Vacant Electricity Positions 00007
Enviromental Protection Positions 00000
Vacant Enviromental Protection Positions 00000
Health Positions 00000
Vacant Health Positions 00000
Public Safety Positions 2121000
Vacant Public Safety Positions 00000
Road Transport Positions 383802543
Vacant Road Transport Positions 00004
Sport And Recreation Positions 00000
Vacant Sport And Recreation Positions 00000
Waste Management Positions 2323241822
Vacant Waste Management Positions 00001
Waste Water Management Positions 00000
Vacant Waste Water Management Positions 00000
Water Positions 00000
Vacant Water Positions 00000
Other Positions 3838000
Vacant Other Positions 00000
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