Victor Khanye Local Municipality (MP311)

Geography, History & Economy

Victor Khanye Local Municipality is part of Nkangala District Municipality.

MDB code: MP311

Description: The Victor Khanye Local Municipality (previously Delmas Local Municipality) is a Category B municipality strategically located within the Nkangala District in the Highveld of the Mpumalanga Province. It is situated on the border of the Guateng Province, less than 100km from Pretoria, Johannesburg and eMalahleni. It is one of the smallest of six municipalities in the district.
 The municipality is linked by a major freeway, the N12, which was declared a Maputo Corridor. There is a railway line running through to the inner part of Mpumalanga and to Mozambique. The municipality is regarded as a gateway to the Mpumalanga Province.

Area: 1 568km²

Cities/Towns: Delmas

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