Musina Local Municipality (LIM341)

Geography, History & Economy

Musina Local Municipality is part of Vhembe District Municipality.

MDB code: LIM341

Description: The Musina Local Municipality is a Category B municipality located in the Vhembe District of the Limpopo Province. It is bordered by Zimbabwe in the north, Makhado and Thulamela in the south, Mozambique in the east, and the Capricorn District in the west. It is the largest municipality of four in the district, making up nearly half of its geographical area.
 The Mutale Local Municipality was disestablished and merged into Musina Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. The seat of Musina Local Municipality is Musina (previously Messina).

Area: 10 347km²

Cities/Towns: Musina

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture, mining, tourism

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