Ntambanana Local Municipality (KZN283)

Ntambanana Local Municipality was disestablished and its municipal area merged into City of uMhlathuze Local Municipality, Mthonjaneni Local Municipality and uMfolozi Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. All information displayed here is historical information relating to the municipality before being disestablished.

Geography, History & Economy

Ntambanana Local Municipality is part of King Cetshwayo District Municipality.

MDB code: KZN283

Description: Ntambanana Local Municipality is one of the six local municipalities that are located in the King Cetshwayo District. It is located in Bhuchanana North in the eastern part of the KwaZulu-Natal north coast.
 The municipality is set among rolling green hills that rise from the coastal plain in the east to the end of the plateau in the west. It is surrounded by meandering valleys that house numerous rivers flowing either towards the uMfolozi River in the north or the uMhlathuze River to the south.
 The biggest proportion of land within the Ntambanana municipal area is owned by the tribal authorities. Obuka Tribal Authority covers the largest proportion of this land, followed by Somopho North, Obizo, Mambuka and Somopho South. Large proportions of land in the surrounding areas of Heatonville are owned by private landowners. Ntambanana State Land is situated in the surrounding areas of Buchanana Village and the area further north.

Area: 1 083km²

Cities/Towns: Heatonville, Ntambanana

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture, tourism, commercial farming

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