Rand West City Local Municipality (GT485)

Rand West City Local Municipality was established by the amalgamation of Randfontein Local Municipality and Westonaria Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. Financial, Employment and Service Delivery information for the new municipality is only available from the 2016/17 financial year. View historical information for Randfontein Local Municipality and Westonaria Local Municipality.

Employment Statistics

Employment Costs (R’000) 526 999521 237420 564
Remuneration of councillors (R’000) 26 75926 44321 370
Total Employee Positions 1 4791 4471 349
Total Vacant Employee Positions 12300
Total Vacancy Percentage 8.32%0.00%0.00%
Managerial Positions - S56 6710
Vacant Managerial Positions - S56 000
Managerial Positions - by organogram 626262
Vacant Managerial Positions - by organogram 000
Community And Social Service Positions 1389176
Vacant Community And Social Service Positions 1100
Finance And Administration Positions 451486488
Vacant Finance And Administration Positions 4100
Electricity Positions 787163
Vacant Electricity Positions 600
Enviromental Protection Positions 1251100
Vacant Enviromental Protection Positions 1500
Health Positions 13137
Vacant Health Positions 200
Public Safety Positions 10817182
Vacant Public Safety Positions 400
Road Transport Positions 14659123
Vacant Road Transport Positions 1400
Sport And Recreation Positions 514248
Vacant Sport And Recreation Positions 600
Waste Management Positions 191236297
Vacant Waste Management Positions 1400
Waste Water Management Positions 504556
Vacant Waste Water Management Positions 700
Water Positions 605437
Vacant Water Positions 300
Other Positions 000
Vacant Other Positions 000
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