Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality (EC129)

Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality was established by the amalgamation of Nkonkobe Local Municipality and Nxuba Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. Financial, Employment and Service Delivery information for the new municipality is only available from the 2016/17 financial year. View historical information for Nkonkobe Local Municipality and Nxuba Local Municipality.

Employment Statistics

Employment Costs (R’000) 137 056114 983
Remuneration of councillors (R’000) 16 57413 170
Total Employee Positions 343343
Total Vacant Employee Positions 00
Total Vacancy Percentage 0.00%0.00%
Managerial Positions - S57 55
Vacant Managerial Positions - S57 00
Managerial Positions - by organogram 1714
Vacant Managerial Positions - by organogram 00
Community And Social Service Positions 55
Vacant Community And Social Service Positions 00
Finance And Administration Positions 9293
Vacant Finance And Administration Positions 00
Electricity Positions 1111
Vacant Electricity Positions 00
Enviromental Protection Positions 00
Vacant Enviromental Protection Positions 00
Health Positions 00
Vacant Health Positions 00
Public Safety Positions 7777
Vacant Public Safety Positions 00
Road Transport Positions 67
Vacant Road Transport Positions 00
Sport And Recreation Positions 33
Vacant Sport And Recreation Positions 00
Waste Management Positions 8992
Vacant Waste Management Positions 00
Waste Water Management Positions 00
Vacant Waste Water Management Positions 00
Water Positions 00
Vacant Water Positions 00
Other Positions 3836
Vacant Other Positions 00
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