uMfolozi Local Municipality (KZN281)

Part of Ntambanana Local Municipality was merged into uMfolozi Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. Financial, Employment and Service Delivery information prior to the 2016/17 financial year only includes figures for uMfolozi Local Municipality. View historical information for Ntambanana Local Municipality.

Demographic Information

Population 144 363133 161
Age Structure
Population under 15 41.1%36.3%
Population 15 to 64 54.9%59.2%
Population over 65 4.1%4.5%
Dependency Ratio
Per 100 (15-64) 82.268.9
Sex Ratio
Males per 100 females 94.291.7
Population Growth
Per annum 1.84%n/a
Labour Market
Unemployment rate (official) n/an/a
Youth unemployment rate (official) 15-34 n/an/a
Education (aged 20 +)
No schooling 16.8%15.0%
Matric 33.7%30.2%
Higher education 4.4%3.1%
Household Dynamics
Households 30 47027 352
Average household size 4.74.6
Female headed households 48.4%46.9%
Formal dwellings 66.3%71.5%
Housing owned 91.8%58.4%
Household Services
Flush toilet connected to sewerage 3.7%5.2%
Weekly refuse removal 12.0%6.9%
Piped water inside dwelling 6.9%10.2%
Electricity for lighting 95.9%84.2%
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