Thembelihle Local Municipality (NC076)

Geography, History & Economy

Thembelihle Local Municipality is part of Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality.

MDB code: NC076

Description: The Thembelihle Local Municipality is a Category B municipality situated in the heart of the Karoo in the Pixley Ka Seme District of the Northern Cape Province. It is one of the smaller municipalities of the eight that make up the district, accounting for only 8% of its geographical area.
 This mostly agricultural landscape is rich in natural resources. The first diamond was discovered in Hopetown and a great part of the Anglo-Boer War was fought in these parts.
 Thembelihle means ‘a place of hope'. The new emblem depicts the diversity of Thembelihle inhabitants and its surroundings.

Area: 8 023km²

Cities/Towns: Hopetown, Strydenburg

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