Umzumbe Local Municipality (KZN213)

Geography, History & Economy

Umzumbe Local Municipality is part of Ugu District Municipality.

MDB code: KZN213

Description: The Umzumbe Local Municipality is a Category B municipality located along the coastal strip of the Indian Ocean between uMthwalume and Mfazazana. It is one of four municipalities in the district, making up a quarter of its geographical area.
 Umzumbe Municipality is highly active in the areas of tourism, heritage and agricultural produce. The dramatic scenery of the municipality includes picturesque mountains, winding rivers and well-cultivated forests, offering sound ecotourism.
 Umzumbe Municipality boasts numerous development opportunities, available to people of Umzumbe and to outside investors. The municipality has placed tourism at the top of the agenda. There are currently two tourism sites that are open to the public, namely the Ntelezi Msani Memorial Project and Isivivane sikaShaka Tourism Site. The seashore offers a wealth of opportunities for people interested in, among others, fishing, leisure, and water sports.

Area: 1 224km²

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture and tourism

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