Sundays River Valley Local Municipality (EC106)

Geography, History & Economy

Sundays River Valley Local Municipality is part of Sarah Baartman District Municipality.

MDB code: EC106

Description: The Sundays River Valley Local Municipality is a Category B municipality situated within the Sarah Baartman District in the Eastern Cape Province. It is approximately 50km from the Coega Industrial Zone in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. It is one of seven municipalities in the district.
 The valley is characterised by harsh climate conditions, with summer temperatures rising in excess of 40°C. Rainfall is spread over the year and is between 250-500mm per annum. The valley is also characterised by wide, fertile flood plains and is associated with low-lying land and steep, less fertile slopes. The area outside the Sundays River Valley includes the Paterson area, the coastal belt, and the west of Alexandria.
 The municipality boasts ecotourism and agricultural potential. The Addo Elephant National Park and citrus production are two important economic drivers in the Sundays River Valley Municipality.

Area: 5 995km²

Cities/Towns: Addo, Kirkwood, Paterson

Main Economic Sectors: Community services, trade, finance, agriculture, transport, construction

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