Blouberg Local Municipality (LIM351)

Council & Management

Composition of Council:
ANC 33, EFF 7, COPE 2, ABC 1, DA 1
Controlling Party:
Ms Maria Thamaga
Deputy Mayor:
Mr Phineas Boloka
Chief Whip:
Ms Johanna Rangata
Other Council:
Ms Raseruthe Agnes (Chairperson: Infrastructure Development)
Mr Robert Makobela (Chairperson: Finance)
Mr Daniel Mosena (Chairperson: Economic Development and Planning)
Mr Prince Motswabe (Chairperson: Corporate Services)
Mr C Phoshoko
Ms Shirley Raphasha (Chairperson: Community Services)
Mr Martin Tlouamma
Municipal Manager:
Mr RJ Ramothwala (Acting)
Chief Financial Officer:
Mr Nkwata Jack Mabote
Senior Management:
Mr Herbert Masipa (Acting Director: Corporate Services)
Adv MB Monyemoratho (Director: Community Services)
Mr Stanford Moremi (Acting Director: Economic Development and Planning)
Communications Officers:
Mr Sodi Magomane
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