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Business Continuity Management Services

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Meet Africa’s leader in End-to-End Business Continuity Management Solutions

More than two decades of experience, a blue-chip client base, international accreditation and next-generation capabilities make ContinuitySA the African leader in business continuity management.

Since 1989, ContinuitySA has been the leader in organisational resilience and business continuity management in Southern Africa and Africa. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients can continue to operate effectively through any disruptive event by building resilience into the company’s systems, people and processes.

ContinuitySA offers a complete business continuity management (BCM) solution. We have a proven record of handling a wide range of business interruptions and is strategically positioned to ensure your business stays in business.

Our advisory services help clients understand their risk landscape and business dependencies—and then create the right solution. Our long experience has taught us that business continuity is both important and complex, and so we have developed the tools and expertise to give our clients the right advice—and then provide them with the solutions they need.

Our portfolio of services and solutions continues to grow as we bring to market business continuity and resilience solutions that take advantage of technology advances. For example, the growing availability of cost-effective bandwidth is changing the face of business continuity, and we are positioned to offer next-generation business continuity over the network and, ultimately, business continuity as a service. In fact, this new approach is redefining business continuity by making infrastructure earmarked for business continuity available to the company as a resource for day-to-day operations as well, thus creating a positive asset.

ContinuitySA’s leading position in Africa is based on solid foundations:

Comprehensive end to end BCM and resiliency services

We offer a range of Cyber Resilience, Technology and Resilient Office Services, backed up by strong professional and advisory services to ensure our clients make the right choices and create a business-resilience solution that is right for them.


Over the years, we have worked with companies in a wide range of industries to design tailored business continuity solutions. We have also built seven customised recovery sites, performed hundreds of risk assessments and business impact analyses, developed many viable recovery strategies and solutions, and written the supporting business, incident and IT continuity plans.

Besides designing and building/ redeveloping all of our own disaster recovery facilities, ContinuitySA has been contracted to design, project manage, commission and operate a number of specially designed disaster recovery centres throughout Southern Africa.

The right resources and facilities

We are proud to have some of the country’s leading business continuity practitioners on our staff. Our people are backed up by a network of world-class facilities, with disaster recovery centres in Gauteng (Midrand and Randburg), Cape Town (Bellville and Somerset West), Botswana, Mozambique and Mauritius.

Methodologies and frameworks in a process context

We have distilled our years of experience into a range of re-usable frameworks, methodologies and toolsets that reduce risk for our clients, and ensure standard, consistent engagements in line with best practice. These core items of intellectual property are rendered even more valuable because they are deployed as part of a proven set of processes aligned with the business continuity management lifecycle.

Most important of all, we understand that business continuity is a process rather than an event, and invest the requisite time to build an ongoing relationship with our clients.

Professional affiliations and standing

We subscribe to the highest international standards and are a Premium Gold Partner of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). Based in Britain, the Institute sets standards and best practices for the industry.

More than 40% of the members and associates of the Business Continuity Institute working in South Africa are employed by ContinuitySA, and over the years ContinuitySA has produced six Fellows of the BCI.

ContinuitySA representatives have in the past had representation on the BCI Board as well as the BCI Global membership council, assisting with activities related to global membership and further development and growth thereof.

We also contributed to the Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management.

ContinuitySA was inducted into the BCI Hall of Fame in 2016 after having won the prestigious Business Continuity Provider of the Year award for three consecutive years.

In 2017, we won the following awards from the BCI:

  • Continuity and Resilience Team: ContinuitySA’s Global Centre of Excellence.
  • African BCI Industry Personality 2017: Jeremy Capell. GM, Advisory Services.
  • Business Continuity and Resilience Consultant of the Year: Padma Naidoo, Senior Manager, Advisory Services.

BCM training academy

We offer a wide range of leading business continuity training products that are aligned to the BCI’s good practice guidelines and the ISO 22301 standard. Our courses can be customised to each organisation’s specific requirements. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the course content is practical, relevant and developed from years of consulting experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ContinuitySA is a Level 4 BEE contributor. Our most recent social investment project was in support of Raise a Roof, with Habitat for Humanity.


ContinuitySA prides itself on the vision and values that its people live by:

Our Vision: To be the leading business continuity management supplier in Africa

Our Values: Client Centricity, Service Excellence, Quality, Innovation, Integrity and Professionalism


ContinuitySA offers a full complement of end-to-end Business Continuity Management solutions. These solutions are built with the foundations of the BCM Lifecycle in mind and are:

Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience is the cornerstone of a resilient organisation. Our portfolio falls into three broad categories:

  • Detect: Breach detection, intrusion prevention, anti-phishing and vulnerability scanning.
  • Protect: Cloud Web Security, DDoS Protection and Mitigation, DNS URL Filtering, Firewalls and Secure Connect (VPN)
  • Respond: Business continuity and resilience solutions that have been rigorously tested to ensure they are effective when you need them.

Advisory Services

We offer a range of fully managed services to support clients’ long-term sustainability, covering

  • Resilience: Strengthening an organisation’s ability to adapt to change and disruption.
  • Recovery: Helping clients to respond to, and recover from, unexpected incidents.
  • Risk: Ensuring clients understand the risks (and opportunities) they face.

Technology Services

We leverage modern technology to support enterprise resilience as an integral part of a comprehensive business continuity management strategy. Our Technology Services portfolio falls into two broad areas:

  • Cloud: Virtual Server Hosting, Server Recovery, Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service.
  • Communications: Internet, Connectivity, Network Security and Telephony.

Resilient Office Services

When you need working space for whatever reason, we offer services in three broad areas:

  • Work-Area Recovery: Alternate office and call centre space when your normal offices cannot be used.
  • Managed Office Space: Primary office space tailored to client requirements and offered as a service.
  • Co-location: Fully managed space in our data centres for client IT equipment, either for disaster recovery or production.