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Urban Sustainability for African cities A benchmark for global partnerships

In 1964, Jean-Claude Decaux invented the advertising bus shelter – being the first public service in the JCDecaux portfolio to be deployed.

More than fifty-five years later, JCDecaux's success is rooted in its founding economic and sustainability model. That is; providing cities, retail destinations and transport authorities with useful products and services, such as, solar smart street lights, digital bus shelters, automatic self-cleaning toilets, free standing digital displays, interactive wayfinding, recycling bins, WIFI hot-spots and real-time traffic information systems. These products and services have transformed the experiences of citizens and are solely financed by selected high quality advertising. Achieving economic growth while respecting people and the environment are at the heart of our model.

Through providing local, regional and international advertisers access to high quality communication channels, using the latest digital hardware/software and data sets, we are a key player in the South African advertising market. We assist in stimulating economic growth and helping transform the industry by sharing our global insights, supporting and growing partners and through an ever-evolving supply chain with our long-term investment outlook. Royal Bafokeng Holdings, our strategic partner and 30% shareholder plays an active role in shaping and supporting the evolution of our business across Sub Saharan Africa. Together we strive to operate as locally as possible, to be closer to our partners, be it their cities, transport authorities, or shopping malls. With a staff complement of 400 in 19 African countries and with only 6 being expatriates, this underlines our commitment to transformation and belief in African talent. We contribute to local African economies by creating stable jobs in each country and strive to reduce inequality.

At JCDecaux, our concern for the environment is in everything we do. We have developed several methods to limit our energy consumption. As an example, for our new street furniture and roadside installations, we are systematically using the latest LED lighting, we are also replacing older technologies in our existing stock, whilst turning our lighting off when people are asleep. We are also seeking to reduce our fuel consumption by renewing our fleets of vehicles with best in class km per litre and CO2 emissions, while providing training to our employees in eco-driving. Similarly, for our advertising furniture; we choose materials responsibly, optimise the use of raw materials and resources during production, reduce the generated waste, manufacture regionally to reduce transport impacts and we also reduce the amount of water used to clean these assets.

The environments in which our assets are installed require extreme rigour in terms of safety for both our teams as well as for the people who frequent the highly busy locations they are found in. From working at heights, road safety, manual handling, risk assessment and power safety, it is a priority for JCDecaux to continuously improve the working conditions of our teams and contractors and to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

With Sub-Saharan Africa’s urban population increasing to close to 2 billion in the next 30 years, JCDecaux is committed to making cities and human settlements more inclusive, more resilient, more sustainable and safer. Our investment, in partnerships with governments and municipalities has unlocked pioneering technologies for citizens across the world, at no cost to the citizens, municipalities, retail landlords or transport authorities.

For over 50 years, we have supported major urban centres all around the world. Through our understanding of their concerns and knowledge of their residents’ needs, we have evolved beyond the expert in outdoor advertising but are also a trusted long-term partner, delivering high quality and innovative public services. We are attentive to the needs of different cities and are aware of their underlying trends. We are also in constant dialogue with all key stakeholders, sharing best practices from all around the world to ensure that we stay at our best in order to benefit the world around us.

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