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Integrated Software System Solutions

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TGIS makes business intelligence, as well as ongoing client capacity-building with organisational alignment, accessible to entities that strive toward effective and efficient management. This is done through the delivery of integrated spatial solutions, giving simple access to specialist data, while allowing full expert management of business processes.

We specialise in transforming spatially-related business processes from the industrial age (paper systems) to the information age (digital systems). TGIS ensures that applications of spatial technologies are aligned with an organisation's particular strategies and business processes. This is achieved by deploying capabilities such as design, development, data preparation and capturing, as well as implementation and training. All of which is embodied within TGIS's Integrated Management Information System (IMIS), our flagship product.

Furthermore, we strongly believe in all-inclusive, effective customer service, and we have a holistic approach to provide solutions, rather than isolated products and services. These solutions aid our clients in identifying and solving their own challenges.


To supplement our products and to deliver solutions that not only meet our clients’ expectations, but actually exceed them, TGIS offers various services, with an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.

Our services include, among others:

3D Mobile Mapping

We use state-of-the-art, TOPCON IP-S2 devices to both assist with and ease Land Management, Asset Management and Valuations Projects.

Data Cleaning

TGIS has an entire department dedicated to check, validate, manipulate, edit and capture data, delivering only the most accurate and correct data possible.

Asset Management

By utilising state-of-the-art equipment and the most efficient resources, we collect asset data from the field, link this data to geographic maps and determine asset financial values, in order to deliver fully GRAP-compliant, WEB GIS-based Asset Management Solutions.

Revenue Enhancement

We couple cleaned cadastral data to an organisation’s financial system and its consumer database, to highlight non-corresponding entities and to correct such, in order to enable correct billing and the identification of consumers not previously billed.


Our expert skills and competencies, together with our wealth of experience and knowledge, enable us to consult in a variety of fields, including Land Management, Land Use and Rights, Asset Registers, Information Technologies, GIS Technologies, Software and Projects Management.

Software Development

As the developers of our own software and systems, we understand their functionality and know how to maintain their integrity. This enables us to customise products to our clients’ requirements. Every software component or system developed by us bespeaks our expertise, professionalism and excellence.


A strong background in surveying, land- and property management provides TGIS with a unique insight into the application of spatial data. This, combined with extensive experience in project management in Build-Environment Infometrics (BEIM) and Build-Environment Asset Register (BEAR) projects, has created a skill-combination that is perfectly suited for the integration and application of spatial information technology solutions to align people, processes and systems.


TGIS and all its developed products are Proudly South African.


TGIS is an ISO 9001 Certified Company.