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Physical Address: 62 Oak Avenue, Highveld Park, Centurion, 0046
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Telkom offers exceptional mobile voice and data solutions.

Why Telkom business for mobile solutions?

  1. Quality Network – Telkom was voted as the best mobile broadband provider for 6 years running
  2. Savings through innovation – save up to 70% off your current bill
  3. Market disruption – Telkom’s FreeMe plans with free calling and WhatsApp have taken the SA market by storm
  4. Enterprise mobility – Telkom offers end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions
  5. Trusted mobile partner

 Telkom’s FreeMe plans offer exceptional value to government customers. The benefits of FreeMe are:

  1. Free WhatsApp calling and messaging
  2. Up to 85% cheaper data
  3. Save up to 70% on your total bill cost
  4. Free calls to over 6 million Telkom numbers (fixed and mobile)
  5. Free calling for your organisation when all are on Telkom FreeMe packages (employees call each other for free, you can call your employees for free and call your suppliers for free)
  6. FreeMe 2GB packages and higher include Telkom Lit benefits.
  7. Control your spend by setting your spend limit

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