Gariep Local Municipality (EC144)

Gariep Local Municipality was disestablished and merged with Maletswai Local Municipality to establish Walter Sisulu Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. All information displayed here is historical information relating to the municipality before being disestablished.

Geography, History & Economy

Gariep Local Municipality is part of Joe Gqabi District Municipality.

MDB code: EC144

Description: Gariep Local Municipality is located in the west of the Joe Gqabi District Municipality, south of the Orange River and Gariep Dam, and shares boundaries with the following local municipalities: Inkwanca to the south-east, Tsolwana to the south, Inxuba Yethemba to the south-west and Maletswai to the east. The Orange River separates Gariep from both the Northern Cape and the Free State provinces.
 The Gariep Local Municipality has fairly diverse vegetation and is home to three distinct vegetation types, one of which – Eastern Mixed Nama Karoo – is recognised as a nationally significant biome. It is characterised by mountains, hills and valleys. This area is well known for its stock farming, of which sheep production is one of the dominating sectors. The streams and rivers team with fish, trout being a common species. Rock foundations have beautiful artwork made years ago by the founders of the area – the Khoisan.
 Gariep Local Municipality is small, with limited resources, and is therefore heavily reliant on Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) funding for expensive infrastructure investment. This allows the municipality to ringfence own funding for operations and maintenance. To increase capital investment, strong partnerships have to be formed with the district, sector departments and private sector. Investment remains the cornerstone of development and Gariep Municipality intends to create an environment that will attract economic growth.
 However, it must be acknowledged that the municipality cannot overcome poverty or attract new investment on its own and it will take concerted efforts from all spheres and business to exploit areas with economic growth potential. The overarching strategy has been structured to map the development path that will enable other important role-players to invest and support development in the Gariep municipal area as a whole. Internal capacity should be strengthened to enable the municipality to support and coordinate investment initiatives and lobby for funding.

Area: 8 911km²

Cities/Towns: Burgersdorp, Oviston Nature Reserve, Steynsburg, Venterstad

Main Economic Sectors: Government services (27.9%), transport and communication (21.6%), manufacturing (14.7%), agriculture (13.8%), trade (8.8%), construction (5.5%)

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