Mier Local Municipality (NC081)

Mier Local Municipality was disestablished and merged with //Khara Hais Local Municipality to establish Dawid Kruiper Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. All information displayed here is historical information relating to the municipality before being disestablished.

Geography, History & Economy

Mier Local Municipality is part of ZF Mgcawu District Municipality.

MDB code: NC081

Description: Mier Local Municipality forms part of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality (previously Siyanda District Municipality). It borders with Namibia in the west, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the north and Botswana in the north-east.
 The municipality consists of nine small towns and the !Khomani San community within its jurisdiction. Rietfontein, which is the main town, is situated approximately 280km north-west from the nearest big town of Upington.

Area: 22 468km²

Cities/Towns: Mier, Rietfontein

Main Economic Sectors: Agriculture, business services, game farming, tourism and hospitality, manufacturing, transport, community services, social and personal services

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