Baviaans Local Municipality (EC107)

Baviaans Local Municipality was disestablished and merged into Dr Beyers Naudé Local Municipality on 3 August 2016. All information displayed here is historical information relating to the municipality before being disestablished.

Geography, History & Economy

Baviaans Local Municipality is part of Sarah Baartman District Municipality.

MDB code: EC107

Description: Baviaans Local Municipality is a Category B municipality which, together with another eight municipalities, forms the Sarah Baartman District Municipality (previously Cacadu District Municipality).
 The municipality is situated at a latitude of 33-34°S and a longitude of 23-25°. It is at 1 000 to 1 500 metres above sea level. The well-known Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area is situated to the south. The Mega-Reserve covers 90% of the local municipality area.
 Baviaans Local Municipality has three urban nodes, namely Willowmore, Steytlerville and Rietbron. Willowmore serves as the administrative hub of the area where the local municipality offices, the district offices of national government departments and provincial government departments are situated. The area is thinly populated.

Area: 11 668km²

Cities/Towns: Rietbron, Steytlerville, Willowmore

Main Economic Sectors: Community services (47%), agriculture (17%), finance (14%), transport (8%), trade (7%), manufacturing (5%), construction (2%)

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